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POZ Review: Stickup Kid - Future Fire



*This review was composed by Becky Kovach and edited by Erik van Rheenen

The first half of 2013 was inundated with great releases from bands like Fall Out Boy, Man Overboard, and The Wonder Years. Basically, lots of big names releasing big albums, and I’ve been wondering if the next six months could possibly measure up. 

Cue Stickup Kid and their new album, Future Fire

Admittedly, I’ve never listened to Stickup Kid before, despite hearing quite a bit about them. I went into this album with no expectations, and walked away with a new favorite. Future Fire is eleven fearless pop punk songs that are sure to catch on like wildfire. 

It’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing that makes this album so exceptional. In “The Depths Of Me,” it’s the guitar that takes center stage. It charges in at a blistering pace, with crunchy chords that break through the chorus like a crashing wave (“I’ve been broken / So many times I’m scared I won’t get up again / If I’m open like the ocean / You’ll drown before you ever reach the depths of me”).

Water is a common motif for the album, also appearing on songs like “What’s Missing” and “Chariot.” The former features a bouncier chorus, in which lead singer Tony Geravesh admits: “I spend my time wasting away / Wasting away / We’re broken / We’ll sink like stones inside the bay / inside the bay.”

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It’s so great to see friends doing so well with their music. I’m more proud than ever for these guys and so thankful to have met them four years ago. They’ve come a long way.

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    It’s so great to see friends doing so well with their music. I’m more proud than ever for these guys and so thankful to...
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